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  • Ines Audrey

"Trust begins with trust"

Although it is a common word, a common issue for everyone, I have never ask myself what do trust really mean. Then I found this book at the library and read it. At the beginning, I was sceptic, probably because of the unknown, but as I always say to myself, there is a beauty behind the unknown and I must go for it. Fortunately, the beauty was there and I was just on time.

This book is a brainclearer. I can assure you, whatever you think you know about trust is wrong. Trust is not faith, not wishing, not confidence, nor hope. It is a choice that will be confront to disappointments, breaches and distrust. We are wrong, thinking trust must be earn. Like love, trust is not something we have to earn, it is something given to us, and we must give it back. It is a trust relationship just like love relationship, it must be a reciprocal. Trust is not blind, but wisely awake and it need us to be willing. It is precious and once broken, it can still be restore if we learn how to overcome the disapointment and the breaches.

This book has been a revelation for me and I invite you to take a look, it is worth the reading.

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