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Don't be hard on yourself !

Fall on yourself like a dandelion leaf falls on your head and lay with gentleness.

Hello friends,

poetry inspires me this morning. Hope you all have a peacefull sunday. Friends, don't be hard on yourself. Life is already tough and hard enough; we don't want to add some other burden on it.

I love living my life with goals; I have short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. I believe, it is the simpliest and best way to accomplish whatever it is, to keep one's self focused and to walk througout a purpose. But sometimes, we put the bar too high, so high that finally, we can't reach it. When it comes to life goals, do yourself a favor and be nice.

When 2019 began, I set some long-term goals. Now the first month is over, and although I stood firm and commited to my goal throughout the month, I knew it did not need some of them. I was doing too much; I already had a list of things I really need to improve/change/set in my life. And mostly, I was not enjoying the month. Sometimes, what we need, is just a step by step process; start slowly, you may fall it's normal we are humans, but stay committed. If you really need to win a goal, then don't give up but be light on yourself. You want to have a little pleasure while processing.

This is what I learned; before you set your life goals, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I really need this goal? Why for? Are setting this goal for your health, your work, your family, to improve your life or is it trend, a social media challenge you want to follow or you want to look more interesting to others? Depending on your reason, your goal will either be good for you or bad for you. Think first!

2. For who am I doing it? Trust me, if you are not doing it for you, you might not stay committed to it and you will not love it. It will feel like a torture and you will loose more than what you expected to gain from it; you will loose your happiness. There is nothing worst.

For myself, I dropped down the extra goals, and I'm focusing on the real important ones.



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