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Taking new challenges!

Get ready!

Hello friends,

Happy month to you all, it is almost the end of August. Surely, you have lived and survived difficult and emotionally struggling times. So did I and I am glad that I can finally stand on my feet to share with you how I get ready to take upcoming challenges.

I have learned through time that we are never enough prepared to what is coming our way; whether good or bad, joy or pain, opportunities or losses. But at least, with the right mindset, we can actually gain much more than what we might have been expecting. At the end, what will matter most is that went through with steadiness. #icanmakeitthroughtherain

Be aware, of what is coming your way. You might not be well prepared but at least if you are aware of it, by being present and mindfull, you will feel less ravaged by your challenges especially if they are tough and extremely demanding as well as a loss, a grief, a feud of any kind, illness etc. Fear and anxiety will come along for sure but they are enemies you have got to avoid, and the only way to walk over them is to stay focus.

Be fascinated to the new and unexplored. By doing that, I cannot assure you that you will avoid disappointment but, you will make room for more or even better you will elevate my capacities. We too often tend to think that we should keep doing things as we always did because that's the way we know it works, but be assure that the other way works too and you have got to try it some time.

Be creative, keep smiling and have a little faith as much as you can because there is nothing you cannot face.




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